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My approach to wedding and engagement video creation is that of photo-journalist and visual storyteller -- a highlight reel that is at once personal and intimate, driven by great photography and live music whenever possible, and sequenced to showcase the best of the day's many events. While I do offer live documentary footage if you would like, I have found that many brides prefer these highlight reels, created from stills and a few other elements, as their keepsake of the special day.

Every wedding and engagement is, to be sure, intimate, joyous, celebratory. And, it unfolds in real time, often with unexpected departures from the script. These unrehearsed moments are often very special. There is more to wedding photography than checking off the shot list. The best part of the job is this — capturing as much of the emotion, joy, laughter and celebration as possible. And creating something that the happy couple will want to watch, together, for 60 years. That’s what is running through my mind on THE DAY.

Engagement: Adrian & Bo:

When Bo booked a #TxWine tasting in the Texas Hill Country, Adrian was excited. And, when he read her a home-grown poem, then bent the knee and produced The Ring, her world changed completely! Adrian and Bo were engaged Friday March 18, 2016 at Lost Draw Cellars in Fredericksburg, TX. Photographed and produced by Hill Country Light Photography. Miguel Lecuona is a Nikon Professional Photographer in the Texas Hill Country. Info@HillCountryLight.com

Engagement:  Grant & Courtney

Courtney knew all about William Chris Vineyards, having worked there a few years ago.  BUT, she did not know all the arrangements made by Grant, and that changed everything!  Grant & Courtney, engaged at William Chris Vineyards in Hye, March 12, 2016

Elopement:  Larra & Jeff

Tres Lunas Resort was the site for this beautiful sunny winter elopement ceremony for bride Larra and groom Jeff.  The two hour event was joyous and beautiful, covering the ceremony by the Officiant and owner of the Resort, and attended by the parents of bride and groom. Lovely Hill Country sunsets always seem to accompany elopements at Tres Lunas!  

Engagement:  Aubrey & Whitney

After a wine tour and tasting in the fabulous barrel room at Grape Creek, Aubrey walked out to the vineyard and turned a great day into an unforgettable memory for life. Congratulations to Aubrey and Whitney -- Engaged at Grape Creek Vineyards on January 16, 2016. Photos and video by Hill Country Light LLC, Miguel Lecuona is a Nikon Professional Photographer based in Fredericksburg, TX. Info@HillCountryLight.com

Wedding: Sandra & Tim - Always In My Heart
Every once in a while, things come together in a way that is better than you could have imagined. I photographed an intimate wedding in the Hill Country in October, for a lovely couple from Houston, at Tres Lunas Resort in Mason, TX, and it was beautiful, emotional, and joyous. But then something happened I did not expect. The guitarist, Kevin McCormick from Kerrville, played "Always In My Heart", written by my great uncle Ernesto Lecuona. He is an excellent musician. I recorded it live, and this wedding highlight reel features his wonderful rendition. Apparently, I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing! Blessings indeed

Engagement: Tyler and Evan

Tyler Quinn and Evan Alston visit William Chris Vineyards in Hye, and when he asks her THE QUESTION, and gets the answer he is looking for, what could be better? Well, how about a helicopter tour right on the spot! Congratulations Tyler and Evan! Helicopter tour provided by Equitis Flight LLC, flown by Pilot Halsey Schider. Very popular video, and this idea can be yours, with your own spin, too! Contact me at Info@HillCountryLight.com for details!

Music: This fabulous piece is entitled, "Dearest Julia", by Chris Dupont. Creative Commons License via AudioSocket and Vimeo.com Used by Permission.

This video is also featured at HowHeAsked.com/Tyler-And-Evan

Wedding: Groomsmen's Dance, Heather & Kramer

Bruno Mars has nothing on these guys! Epic groomsmen dance at the wedding of Heather and Kramer, held at Grape Creek Vineyards in Fredericksburg. One of the most popular videos I have ever created, to be sure.