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Miguel Lecuona, Owner
Hill Country Light Photography, LLC
Fredericksburg, TX

Greetings from the Texas Hill Country!

Thank you for finding me! I hope what you see here will spur your thinking and maybe touch your heart. Whether it's an important property, a key advertising plan, or a beautiful Hill Country Wedding, please do contact me, I hope we can work together. You will find my rates, competitive. And my commitment to you, genuine.

A Short Story

My approach to photography is driven by a passion for the craft, a personal need to connect with people using a creative art form, and a true desire to capture and tell a story - your story -- in a visually stunning manner.

This passion started as a teenager, working with light, when my father and I built a telescope and I captured star-trails with a Pentax ME on 400 speed film, developed in my High School dark room. There I learned that photography was also a business, as I sold pictures of cheerleaders -- to cheerleaders!

Sometimes, when you feel blessed, life comes full circle. After a career in restaurants, marketing and advertising (which continues for special clients in P.R., social media, and creative marketing support), I am so pleased to return to Photography -- as a passion, an art form, and finally, a profession.

There is a special feeling that comes when you finally realize you are free to choose your own path, and you have the courage to follow it. You get better because you know you want to be better with each new assignment -- they become a series of creative challenges you look forward to solving. And you end up working with the best people, too, because you are genuinely happy to engage in the effort.

Barbara and I live in the Hill Country because it's the best place in Texas to realize dreams and make memories. We recently moved to a country home in Fredericksburg with a big yard where our two Akitas can run with the deer, and our walk-on cat can claim a semi-permanent address. My work takes me all over the state, and on projects in New York, California, Colorado, and France.

My Clients, My Passion

Most of my clients come as referrals. My images have won awards in France and the USA. They are used extensively in print, billboard and online, including video. Many images are hung as large format murals, or used on wine labels and wine stores of the best wineries in the State, including William Chris, Grape Creek, Hawk's Shadow, and Rancho Ponte. This work throughout the region has led to requests for wedding and portrait assignments, which I am delighted to say I love to do, and am looking to do more.

To that end, In 2014, I completed a special Lighting and portrait workshop taught by one of the 10 best wedding photographers in the world, Nikon Ambassador Cliff Mautner.

And I am very proud to be recognized as a Nikon Professional Photographer.

Commercial Photography

On the Commercial side, since I am trained in advertising, I let that influence commercial projects large and small, and that translates into sound investment and excellent results for you, quite beyond what you would expect from "just hiring someone to take pictures". I also make sure you receive images that will work for you in a variety of situations and across different media. You can put me in touch with agency or media representatives, and I will work directly on your behalf to present your work in the most professional light.

Weddings & Events

On a personal level, I hold fast to the words of my father, who said that life is a series of moments, and through these moments, we write our own story. I take this to heart every time I pick up the camera. I live for those special moments that transform an event into a personal memory. My job is to preserve them forever. Whether I am creating an engagement photo tour for a young couple, witnessing the emotion of a celebration, producing a video ad that shows the client a new way to present their "same old product", or creating extraordinary images to be cherished by a lovely bride, I want to evoke the sincere emotion of the moment with images that tell a unique story. Your story.

All captured in the best Hill Country Light.

Recibe un Abrazo Fuerte!

Miguel Lecuona
Hill Country Light Photography LLC
Fredericksburg, TX

Email: MiguelLecuona@mac.com


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