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My real estate work features a portfolio of properties in excess of $25 Million - custom homes, estates, ranches, and even wineries for sale. I am grateful to have earned the trust of the top agents in the Texas Hill Country. Apart from this experience and ability, I believe the main factor you can consider in trusting me to shoot your most important listings is that I understand the buying process, and the role of marketing, photography and video along the way.

Videos -- Essential Marketing Tool for Property Sales

The Home Buyer's Golden Path: Awareness. Consideration. Commitment. Close. Real Estate Agents have many tools that will help buyers walk this path to a successful sale.

Great pictures will generate that all-important positive first impression and first click, building Awareness.

Videos serve the next step - Consideration, a more in-depth judgment by the purchaser. "Can we live in this place? What is the area like? How does it feel to walk through this home? How can I show my family what the property is like?" A short video allows the Agent to present the property in a complete context. This is particularly important for prestigious listings, ranches, and commercial properties. In fact, large properties benefit from two or more videos, to develop significant storylines to their fullest potential.

Videos run on your own websites, are great in social media, and perfect for iPad or Phone to highlight the property face to face.

I create all the videos you see here personally, from a combination of high resolution images and digital photography techniques -- Time Lapse, HDR, Aerial, Twilight, Rights-Free Music, Embedded Hosting, and video footage where needed. The goal: a presentation of the property in the best possible light.

I also work with agents and sellers to advise on the best way to present rooms, details, land, and livestock. When you hire me to showcase your important listings, I will give you my very best advice and deliver a professional package you can use in a variety of ways, to support your Buyer on the Golden Path.

Here are a few examples from Hill Country listings ranging from $1.2M to $5M.

Contact me at Info@HillCountryLight.com for a quote and consultation.

You can see more of my Texas Hill Country Property Videos at this link:

Hill Country Light - Property Videos

Contact me at Info@HillCountryLight.com for a quote and consultation.